Bank offers moving credit.

Moving is expensive, especially since most households combine moving house with buying at least some new furniture. But even if the household is re-used completely, the moving company or renting the moving car incurs high costs, so that most people need a loan to move. There are various options for recording.

Partial payment to the moving company

Partial payment at the moving company is the simplest form of a loan for moving. However, it is only offered by a few well-known companies whose prices are often higher than the offers of cheap competitors. When comparing costs, households primarily pay attention to the prices for moving services.

If your income is irregular, payment by installments is an ideal procedure, because like most dealers, moving companies only inquire about their customers’ income in exceptional cases. Agreeing on installment payments is more widespread in the furniture trade than with moving service providers, so this form of financing offers itself for the purchase of new furniture in connection with the move.

The bank loan for the move

The bank loan for the move

Some financial institutions offer a discounted loan for moving under the product term moving loan or moving loan. These special loans are cheaper than the untied consumer loan from the same bank. This does not rule out that non-discounted loans from other financial institutions are cheaper than the advertised moving loan, so that a careful loan comparison remains unavoidable. Households often use the overdraft facility of their checking account for convenience to finance a move.

This is possible with self-organized removals and when commissioning an inexpensive moving company, but it involves unnecessarily high debit interest. When planning the required loan amount, it is advisable to summarize the actual moving costs with the furniture costs that are not to be paid in installments by the dealer and the rent deposit to be paid, since Schufa’s score will deteriorate within six months if more than one loan is taken out.

With a low working income, the likelihood of a bank loan being relocated can be increased by choosing a longer contract term, since this leads to lower monthly payments. It is also possible to apply for a loan together with another applicant, who does not have to move together with the main borrower.

Alternatives to bank credit for a move

Alternatives to bank credit for a move

If the employer encouraged the change of residence by transfer, he will be happy to grant a loan for the move on request. In this case, civil servants and in some collective agreements are even entitled to a loan. The first housing associations grant new tenants a moving loan if they decide to move into an apartment that is difficult to rent. Agree Bank owners receive a loan for the move through the employment agency after a change of residence suggested or at least approved by the office.

Furthermore, the employment office can promote a change of residence with an interest-free loan if this is a prerequisite for ending existing unemployment. A website for private loan brokerage can be used to successfully apply for a loan for the move, even if the creditworthiness is poor.

When drawing up a move loan request, many of the private lenders depend on whether the applicant has convincingly demonstrated the need to move. Tenants have good chances of getting a private loan for their move after giving up their apartment by the landlord and families with young children.

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