Teacher home loan: rates and simulation

Teachers have the possibility of benefiting from tailor-made mortgage loan offers and above all with attractive conditions, here is a complete file on housing loans for teachers and the financing simulator.

A mortgage can finance the acquisition of real estate, namely a house, an apartment, a second home, construction but also work. This financing has a minimum amount of 75,000 dollars and is generally accompanied by a bond or a mortgage to guarantee the financing. We can combine this loan with subsidized credits like the PTZ (zero rate loan) of the state or subsidized credits.

Credit institutions offer tailor-made offers for teachers wishing to buy their property, so it is important to understand how these institutions work to find the best housing loan offer with the simulator available.


Teacher home loan: holder, non-holder and trainee

Teacher home loan: holder, non-holder and trainee

If tenured teachers and trainees have no difficulty finding financial organizations offering them mortgage financing, it must be admitted that the procedures are often more complicated for non-tenured teachers, the lack of this stability of the job that is necessary to reassure the lender. The interns have for the most part the confirmation to pass holders, it is for this reason that the banks are favorable to their project of mortgage, subject to having the capacity of borrowing of course.

A non-holder teacher will have to wait for the end of their fixed-term contracts (automatic transition to holder status) to obtain a funding agreement unless the latter constitutes a file with a spouse with a permanent contract or a holder contract. Note that some banks may accept mortgage loan financing for non-tenured officials, again subject to current loan conditions. We advise you to use the mortgage loan simulator at your disposal.


Mortgage for teachers without a contribution

teachers loans

The contribution is a key element, which reassures the banks in a file for obtaining a home loan. This amount is mainly used to finance the costs related to the transaction, these costs are among other costs of the file, brokerage if passing through a broker, surety or notary if mortgage. It is again possible to obtain a loan without contribution, it to use the mortgage comparator and especially to present a clean file, without rejection of direct debits or other unpaid on the account statements. Note that in the absence of a contribution, we speak of a mortgage loan of 110%, that is to say a credit which takes up the amount of the value of the property to be financed as well as 10% corresponding to the amount of the costs.

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